Organic vegetable harvested just a few hours ago from a neighbor’s garden. Delicious French cream-filled dessert from a famous pastry shop in Newton. Cava, sangria, cabernet sauvignon. Do I need to say more?

Dr. Puffer welcomed us into her beautiful home in Winchester, MA, this past weekend. The conversation flowed from a data expert sharing her knowledge in multi-dimensional scaling to a food chemist explaining why MSG wasn’t as bad as we all thought (and how he put it in everything he made!)…then it moved on to a history lesson on Tupperware party and a devoted fiancé scouring beauty and wedding blogs looking for tips on finding the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend. There was never a dull moment at this dinner table!

It was such a lovely evening filled with lots of laughter and stories about the journeys that took us from our home cities/countries all the way to Cal. Many thanks to Dr. Puffer for hosting all of us!

Dr. Puffer is a University Distinguished Professor of International Business at D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.
Her forthcoming Cambridge University Press book, Hammer & Silicon: The Soviet Diaspora in the US Innovation Economy, is based on 150 interviews Dr. Puffer conducted in Silicon Valley and the Boston-Cambridge area with entrepreneurs and technical professionals from the Former Soviet Union who work in software, social media, and biotech.
For Dr. Puffer’s complete bio, see her LinkedIn profile.

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