We want to give a very special thanks to Doug Beck, our current Special Events Lead and a returning board member!

Doug and his wife, Dilek, welcomed us into their gorgeous home in Hingham and treated us to a delicious homemade Turkish dinner. In attendance were some of the 2017 board members and we used it as an opportunity to further discuss our agenda for the year. Please watch for future announcements as we bring you some exciting events!

The intimate setting was also great for everyone to get to know one another. Adam (Persson) and his wife, Melinda, shared their expat experience throughout Asia and how they managed the adventure with kids and had a great time doing it. Bryon (Crowder) serves as a mentor to the entrepreneur community in Maine. Doug, during his time in New Jersey, served as a volunteer in a mentoring program working with prison inmates. It’s great to hear these stories and to know that we have such diversity in our Chapter.

It was indeed a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening in the companies of our fellow Golden Bears. We hope to make these small group dinners a regular occurrence! If you’re interested in joining or hosting our next dinner, please reach out to Adam Persson (VP, Events) via this Google Doc form.

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